Aberdeen based orchestras of fiddles and accordions that practice, perform and preserve traditional Scottish music.

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Year ended 28 February 2011

Annual report 2011

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The committee present their report for the year ended 28 February 2011.

The members of the committee during the year were:

Office bearers

  resigned 31 May 2010: appointed 31 May 2010:
President Graeme Henderson Graeme Henderson
Vice President Karen Gill Karen Gill
Secretary Karen Gill Karen Gill
Assistant Secretary vacant position Moira Mapley
Treasurer Ross Fowler Ross Fowler
Conductor Graham Reid Graham Reid
Deputy conductor Gordon Pirie Gordon Pirie
Assistant conductor Sheila Reid Sheila Reid
Pianist Neil MacNeil Nick Cowling
Leader Kim Beveridge Kim Beveridge

Other committee members

No change: resigned 31 May 2010: appointed 31 May 2010:
K Falconer David Jones Laura McCracken
Emma MacPherson Laura McCracken Christine Marshall
Karen Steed Brian Priestley Neil MacNeil

The committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Society and is elected from the Society’s Life/Ordinary members at the Annual General Meeting. The office bearers are elected annually. The six other committee members are elected to serve for a period of two years, with three elected annually. The committee has the power to fill office bearer vacancies arising during the year.

The induction process for committee members includes providing them with a copy of the latest full annual report and financial statements, the Constitution & Rules, and “Guidance for Charity Trustees” published by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

The committee have regular formal meetings throughout the year and may also have ad-hoc meetings on rehearsal evenings as required.

The Society is an unincorporated association, governed by its Constitution & Rules, and is recognised as a charity by OSCR (Scottish Charity number SC011924) in accordance with the provisions of The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

Correspondence should be addressed to 129 Jesmond Avenue, Aberdeen, AB22 8UE or email secretary@aberdeenstrathspey.org.uk.

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