Fiddlers’ Spectaculars at HMT

Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society were heavily involved in the Fiddlers’ Spectaculars held at His Majesty’s Theatre biennially over a number of years between 1977 and 2011, lavish productions often featuring several costume changes during the performance. These Spectaculars typically featured the combined orchestras of the Society along with one or more other societies and played host to the cream of Scottish musical talent.

Fidders' Spectacular Programme, 2011
Fidders’ Spectacular Programme, 2011

Over the years the Society shared the stage with stars like Deirdre Adamson, Paul Anderson, Aly Bain, Mark Boozie, Mary Cameron, Duncan Chisholm, Alastair Fraser, Anne Lorne Gillies, Ron Gonnella, Gordon Gunn, Russell Kostulin, Lisa Milne, Peter Morrison and Meston Reid – to name just a few. Presenters have included Henry Auchinachie, Johnny Beattie, Jonny Bogan, Colin Campbell, George Duffus and Robbie Shepherd. Sadly these fantastic shows no longer run but they hold a fond place in the memories of all those involved – and the audiences too.

To be continued…